Term 2

Monday, 6 March 2017


Last week Room 2 went to camp with Room 1 and Room 3. We had loads of fun from rock climbing to horse riding, survival night, the mud run, archery, the Burma trail and more! Though we all do miss camp we came home tired, dirty, and ready to enjoy a warm hot shower! Here are some of Room 2’s favourite things that we did at camp:
  • Horse Games - The feeling of riding a horse all by ourselves and then braiding Brittany’s mane afterwards was pretty special.
  • The Mud Run - We all lavished in the smelly, livid mud. (especially Gracie and Hikurangi: the muddiest girl and boy)
  • The Flying Fox - Whizzing through the air on a flying fox seemed SO FUN to everyone… except the ones who were afraid of heights!
  • Survival Night - Cooking our own food, making our own fire, sleeping in tents were some experiences that we will never forget.

Make sure to check out the photos and footage below :)

By Anna

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